Creative Europe project “WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD”

Creative Europe project “WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD”

The Navigli Theatre Center Association is proud to present the European project it is leading We can change the World carried out in partnership with Geisslers Hofcomoediante (Czech Republic) and Waggonhalle (Germany). The project aims to offer an innovative point of view to address the important challenges of our time, particularly with regard to environmental issues and social inclusion. Through cross-cultural exchange and theatrical art we will define new approaches, which we might call new “guidelines,” to the issues that will result in an awareness on the part of the audience and the consequent willingness to take concrete action so that things will change.


The “We can change the world” project aims to promote a call to action that stimulates people’s consciences toward important current issues, particularly inclusion and the environment. Through the exchange of knowledge across cultures, we want to make people realize that they are part of a community, in which each individual is essential and is called to play an active role in making the world a better place.

The community of people that will be created will then be brought to reflect on the fact that in this interconnected system we are all connected to the earth, the source of life and livelihood, and therefore we are called to protect and preserve it. To do this, it was decided to use theatrical art, which, thanks to its multiple expressive languages, is engaging and easily accessible to all. Therefore, the artistic proposal includes the creation of three theatrical performances in 2024, which will be the result of an exchange of ideas and visions, which will take place through workshops and shared experiences during 2023. The underlying themes and modes of the planned productions will be geared toward raising awareness of inclusiveness and respect for the environment among all theater stakeholders, from artists to audiences. As an example, one of the shows will be dedicated to the theme Water, in other productions LIS (sign language) and zero-impact set designs will be used.

Since the goal is to spread a new way of thinking and acting, ample space will be given to communication and dissemination not only of the final artistic works, but also of the entire ideational and methodological process that led to their creation.

Several international and multicultural exchanges are planned during the two-year cooperation project. With this first meeting of all partners in Italy, the project concretely kicked off, delving into the planned activities and presenting the project live to the press. Then, every two weeks, there will be online follow-up meetings for the duration of the project. In the first year, each partner will organize a workshop at its location for groups of four representatives per partner (director, dramaturg and two actors). These workshops will be method-oriented and focus on the theatrical work of each partner; the results will be applied during the staging process of the three productions in the second year of the project. Each production will be hosted in the other two partner countries, for concrete artistic sharing and for artists and audiences to compare and immerse themselves in new and different visions.



The project involves the direct involvement of three theater organizations, operating in three different European countries:

  •  Centro Teatro dei Navigli (Abbiategrasso, Italy, project leader)

Theater production, organization and training center. Creates and distributes throughout the country shows of its own production and in co-production with different theatrical realities, from prose to children’s theater, from shows of great urban visual impact to classical theater. | Project coordinator: Luca Cairati

  • Geisslers Hofcomoedianten (Prague, Czech Republic)

Established independent theater company that combines ancient traditions with contemporary live theater. Inspired by Baroque culture, the company’s improvisational theater turns out a mix of old and new, poetic and lowbrow, tragic and comic, drama, music, puppetry and dance. | Project coordinator Katerina Bohadlova

  •  Waggonhalle Kulturzentrum (Marburg, Germany)

Sociocultural center offering high-profile cultural events. The program offers in-house and guest theater productions, as well as a wide variety of events, from readings to concerts, variety shows, musicals, plays, and exhibitions. | Project coordinator Bärbel Kandziora